Monday, February 27, 2012

A Short Ode to This Cat I Know

So, I have a cat.  His name is Stellar.

I named him after the song by Incubus because I liked it a lot, and since I was ten years old I had virtually no idea what it was about.  Now I don't even listen to Incubus, and since I've said the word so much over the years, "stellar" has no objective meaning to me anymore.  It's just my cat's name.
Stellar is annoying.  Don't get me wrong, I love my cat, but sometimes I just can't stand the little guy.  He's very talkative (meows a lot), which is sometimes pretty cute because you can talk to him and he'll meow back so it's like you're having a conversation.  Other times you're trying to write or think and it's like there's this fuzzy speaker at your feet screeching out feedback at random intervals.  You keep trying to figure out what's wrong with it, but apparently it's just built that way.  So why is it in the house?  You can't remember.

He can't stand being ignored.  For instance, I do most of my typing in the rocker-recliner in the living room, and he hates that I spend time staring at things other than him.  Yes, I rock and type at the same time.  Rocking back and forth, whether sitting or standing, is something I've done my whole life.  Whenever I don't think about it, my body just starts going on its own.  Any time I'm in this rocker-recliner, though, Stellar has to make sure I know he's around by positioning himself beside it so that I can't see him when I rock back, but when I rock forward he comes into view, mid-yowl.  He will not rest until you notice him.  Even once you do, he probably still won't rest.

Don't try to hold him, though.  Most of the time you can pet him so long as you watch out for random diva moments where he lashes out at you for trying to love him.  After all, why shouldn't your affection be answered with needle-teeth embedded in your arm?  Also, don't be offended when he immediately tries to lick off all trace of you the second you're done.  If that's not enough for you, pick him up and watch him transform from a cat into a thrashing mass of desperation incarnate.  Desperation to be rid of you.
Even so, I really do love my cat.  He's not much for social niceties, but there is one thing Stellar does that no other pet of mine has done: he tries to make me feel better.  I probably sound a little ""crazy cat lady" right now but I swear he's nicer to me when I'm upset.  If I raise my voice or start crying he comes running, meowing up a storm and bashing his face into my legs until I calm down and pet him.  When I got sick a couple months back he actually climbed into my chair and took a nap with me.  He's like some cantankerous old man who refuses to let on that he cares, but if you're in trouble he can't help it.

Also, he's fat, but his head is small, which makes me laugh a lot.

It makes me think of this:

"Fat cat with a little head"... Ok, I'm a dork.

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