Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've Been Interviewed!

The online journal r.kv.r.y. has a blog where they do features on the writers that appear in each issue.  I had the honor of being a part of January's issue, and now my feature, a short interview, is up on said blog to be read and judged however you see fit.  Hopefully I did alright.  When it comes to questions about my writing process, I feel like I have to have some kind of really deep or literary answer.  Like if I do it wrong the Poetry Police will come take me away, stamp "FAKER" on my forehead in bright red, and I'll be forever shunned or something.

All insecurities aside, The Miracle is significant to me, as it's been the only poem of mine to be published that was written pre-breakdown.  It was kind of fun to look back on it and realize how differently I used to think.  My thanks to Mary Akers, the editor of r.kv.r.y., and Joan Hanna, the assistant editor who handled my interview.  Great people, awesome journal.  Glad I got to be a part of it.

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