Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for...

"Church" by T-Pain

This is the dubbed version, used for one of those dance movies, but if you don't mind a ridiculous amount of swearing, the un-cut version is pretty hilarious.

I've said before that I have a soft spot for outlandish hip-hop music, but never about how I got into it in the first place.  Here's how: my senior year as an undergrad, I studied abroad in the UK.  It was fantastic.  However, when I got back, most of my friends had moved on, and I found myself having to start from scratch socially in my last months at the school.  Luckily my randomly assigned roommate (since I was gone part of the year I didn't get to choose my own) turned out to be really cool.

She was all about having fun, and I needed all the fun I could get.  All but one of my old friends had ditched me, I had capstone classes and grad school application, not to mention my honor's thesis, and my grades from the UK were very late in coming so I wasn't sure I would even graduate.  Essentially, I was a mess.  But this new roommate of mine new just how to pull me out of it.  Thanks to her, I did a lot more laughing than I ever could have otherwise.  One of the things she would do is play hip-hop and rap music, preferably with the silliest lyrics possible, and I would laugh and forget my problems for a little while.

That's how I first heard this song.

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Jennifer Lane said...

What a relief you had a cool roommate to come home to! I never went abroad because I was an athlete in college, but that sounds tough to lose your friends simply because you wanted to study abroad. Good luck with the A to Z challenge!