Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for...

"The Veggie Tales Theme Song" by... whoever made it

Yes, more flashbacks from my days as a Christian.  Also, I had hardly any songs on my iPod that started with V, and I'm trying to pick songs that hold memories, not just songs I happen to like.

If you don't know what Veggie Tales is, you can read this, but there's not much to the concept.  It was a show that used vegetables to tell Bible stories and teach Christian principles, and I loved it a whole bunch when I was a kid.  To this day I still have a Junior Asparagus (the little one with the sideways hat) eraser that's never been used I bought at one of my school's book fairs way back when.

From what I recall it was a good show for kids, the kind that didn't forget there were adults watching as well.  It wasn't particularly edgy, obviously, but they had enough sarcastic side comments and pop culture references to keep everyone entertained.  Even so, anyone who saw this stuff growing up will tell you the best part of any episode was the silly song.  Silly Songs with Larry was a segment in the middle of each episode where Larry (the cucumber), and occasionally one of the other regular characters, would sing an absurd song completely unrelated to the subject at hand.  They ranged from songs about Water Buffalo, Cheeseburgers, an obsession with one's own lips, lost hairbrushes, and my personal favorite, a soap opera involving a manatee named Barbara.

It's weird watching shows as an adult that you loved as a kid.  On one hand you still love it (don't think I don't still know all the words to those silly songs), but there's also a touch of embarrassment that you used to like it so much, and maybe even a little confusion over just what it was you enjoyed about it in the first place.  Ah well.  I guess it's still pretty cute.

Also, my elementary school math teacher (who was also my Jr. High and high school math teacher, because I went to such a small school) could do a pretty spot on impression of Archibald Asparagus, the one with the monocle that narrates everything, and I recall my whole class enjoying that.

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Jo said...

lol These were popular when I was in college, and we would unabashedly have viewing parties in our dorm rooms! I tried getting my kids into them, but they weren't interested. Really, I just wanted an excuse to watch them again.

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