Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for...

"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by lots of different people, but this version is The Charlie Daniels Band:

This isn't about the specific song so much as about the people who made me aware that this type of music exists.  Most of my father's side of the family is from southern Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia.  When I was younger we would go down to these places a lot to see old family, and in my grandfather's case, to teach me about where I came from.  He drug me out to rotting churches and single-room school houses, graveyards overrun with moss and tree roots, and some old covered bridge that I'm lucky enough to own a memento of.  See below.

Yeah, that's some kind of screen print cloth patch thing.  I don't get it, but there it is.

Another thing my paternal grandfather used to do is play old country and gospel music on a little boom box that lived next to His Chair.  If you don't know why His Chair is capitalized, then you somehow grew up in a family without that special recliner the head of the family sat in (and no one else).  He had me listen to the music he loved, and got me to love it a little bit myself, if only because it reminds me of him.


Jeremy Bates said...

This is a good version. Thanks for sharing.

One of my junior high students is a violin player and she thinks she's pretty special.

I showed her this song on You Tube, albeit a different version. It was then that she realized she had a long, long way to go to master the instrument.

ot ebby said...

Great tune great post!

Stephanie said...

I love the capitalized Chair! My mom had A Chair that was moved to the cottage. It's still much-loved.

DL Hammons said...

The Charlie Daniels Band recorded a TON of great music, but unfortunately that song is all that anyone ever talks about. :)

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